● Sound Map Europe (1996)

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● Repetition (1999) [4:02]

Music for the film ‘There is Love in Repetition’ by Luc Perez. This track was never used so hopefully the Frenchman will forgive me for the piano sample. Kenneth Just Hansen played the bass.

● Plong (2000) [4:10]

Anders D. Koch played the electric guitar and I made some sounds on acoustic guitar.

● Western Country (2001) [4:04]

Guitars played by Sam Eilif Blåsvær, Anders D. Koch and Michael C.G. Iversen.

● Cut the Crap Remix (2002) [2:14]

Hear also the original track (see: 1982 - 1995) and an other remix version (see: 2016).

● Plix (2002) [6:06]

Made with extended use of the arpeggio function and entirely with sounds from a Korg Polysix synthesizer.

● Dans – Guitar Version (2002) [4:58]

This is based on a composition I made around 1985. There is a small excerpt in the ‘Fostex Compilation’ (see: 1982 - 1995). Originally it was long layered melodies for keyboard – the style was almost contrapuntal. Here the voices are simplified to shorter themes and most of them are played by Anders D. Koch on electric guitar. The composition recurs in many different forms (see: 2006).

● Else Marie Pade Remix: ReCirkl (2002) [7:26]

Else Marie Pade’s original work ‘7 Cirkler’ from 1958 develops into a dense middle section and then fades out again. I chose the opposite strategy and reversed the original ending towards a quite point in the middle and then mixed the modified parts for a new ending. When I played it for Else Marie she said she could see samba dancers. She’s a very imaginative old lady.

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● Obsession (2003) [3:14]

I don’t play guitar but with some editing it almost sounds like it. There is also a violin cracking down but no midi instruments.

● Freude (2003) [4:12]

If it ain’t Beethoven… It is based on a cassette tape recording I made in the eighties. The original tune I played on a Korg PolySix but here combined with different vocal parts.

● Forest (2004) [5:48]

A composition made of sounds from the jungle in Cambodia. The original recordings were made by Lars Movin. We used this track for his film ‘Angkor Wat’.

● Slow psychedelic break (2001) [3:41]

The title is inspired by ‘Allan’s Psychedelic Breakfast’ but there is no other connection to Pink Floyd. It is based on casette tape recordings made around 1982 - 1984.

● Headbang (2000)

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