● At the office of Boulevard Film & TV (1988)

The company was founded in 1986 by Lars Fuchs, Lars Movin, Niels Mørk and myself. The intention was to produce documentaries about music, film, art, literature and related subjects for national broadcast. Also in 1986 Lars Movin and I arranged the first festival ‘Lyrik & Billeder’ (see: gallery) and we were all engaged in the culture house Billedfabrikken.

● Cassette tape (1982 - 1984) [1:37]

Just recordings – no treatments.

● Fostex Compilation (1985 - 1988) [7:53]

In the eighties I wanted to play different instruments. In this compilation eight different songs can be heard. The second track in the collection features Søren Mogensen on guitar and vocal but for the remaining I’m the only one to blame. All was produced on the great Fostex 4-track double speed cassette recorder.

● Cut the Crap (1988) [3:00]

Playing the saxophone was a love-and-hate relationship. I could not make it sound right so there were only few high points and this is not one of them.

The basic track was inspired by sound artist Christian Marclay. Different 7’’ records were cut into quarters and glued together in new combinations. My record player and pick-up survived many of these experiments. Everything was recorded and mixed on the great Fostex 4-track double speed cassette recorder.

In the Nineties I started to work on ProTools and made a couple of new masterings with extra drums added.

Hear also remixed versions (see: 1996 - 2004 or 2016).

● Trash Taxi Blues 2 (1989) [3:22]

The beat here is also cut-up records at 45 rpm (read above). A saxophone solo would have sounded great but I think at this point I had already sold the instrument. Fostex 4-track cassette production – no computer or midi.

● Egenhændigt (1989)

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● Imagine (1990) [4:38]

Not a cover version but a paraphrase of John Lennon’s song. The strings and guitar loops were made on a Mac computer in a program called SoundEdit 1.5. Later there was a Pro-version. Again the basic track is from cut-up records (see the track ‘Cut the Crap’ above).

● Autometrik (1990)

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● Evelyn and Me (1992) [5:36]

A piece in three parts: Foreplay, Play and Afterplay. I made this remix of Evelyn Thomas’ ‘High Energy’ in SoundEdit on a Mac computer.

● Razorbeat (1993) [1:34]

My razor always got stuck by painfully pulling the hair and then stopped in the middle of trimming the beard. A sound work made of original recordings from my bathroom and edited in SoundEdit.

● Fangaak (1994) [2:22]

Also a SoundEdit production.This was made for Van Gogh – a sound magazine for the blind released on cassette tape – but the track was never used. I think I was mocking poets reading in a too formal way.