● Cut the Crap Remix 2016 [6:40]

A newly remixed version of a track I made in 1988. I played the tenor sax and crappy keyboards but the beat was based on different 7’’ records that were cut into quarters and glued together in new combinations. I have remixed the original recordings several times (see also: 1982 - 1995 and 1996 - 2004). This version here has Farfisa organ added.

● Long Playing Vinyl

In 1998 I started doing recordings for a documentary about vinyl records, the collectors, artists, album covers, independent companies and the whole process of record production. In spite of hours and hours of interviews and other relevant material that project was abandoned but over the years I have used parts of the material for various productions (see also: ‘Har du set mit psykedeliske tapet’ and ‘Gasolin 3’). In 2016 I was encouraged to finally finish a version based on the old DV tapes and some newly recorded material. Above is the cover for the BluRay. See the interview with Hugo von Qualen. Go to page.

Niels Plenge 2016, HD video, 145 min

● Minimal Music

A production of electronic music and video on BluRay disc. Hopefully in near future the soundtrack will be available on vinyl LP also. You can hear a small excerpt of ‘Damaskus’. Go to page.

● 100 overmalinger af forskellige aftryk fra det samme træsnit — Overpaints

I made three books all containing 100 almost identical prints from the same woodcut and gave three visual artists each one a book and asked them to partly overpaint or otherwise modify the pages. The books have been shown at various exhibitions curated by Svends Bibliotek. Go to page.

Niels Plenge 2015 - 2016, artist books w. Claus Carstensen, Svend Danielsen and Nina Maria Kleivan