● Dans – Perform [8:41]

This is based on the same composition as ‘Dans – Guitar Version’ (see: 1996 - 2004). The very first version is from around 1985 and can be heard in the ‘Fostex Compilation’ (see: 1982 - 1995).

● PianoDropMix [5:33]

The ‘FallingWater’ video which is not included here is impressions from a visit in 2003 to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece in Pennsylvania. The house is placed in the middle of a waterfall. The first soundtrack for the video was constructed from eight drops of water. Then this composition was transcribed to piano music. Hear also the musicbox recording which was used in the final video.

● FallingWater – Musicbox Recording

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● Bosse [2:38]

Guitar and drums are originally from a ProTools session I did in 2003 but in this version the keyboards are added in Logic. Also a short guitar intro by Michael C.G. Iversen.

● Det er os der sidder her [4:03]

A protestors song about the social climate in Denmark. The homies are back!

● In the Jar [6:55]

Parts of this track were used for a documentary about William S. Burroughs directed by Lars Movin and Steen Møller Rasmussen. The film ‘Words of Advice’ which I also edited had it’s first showing in November 2007 and is now sold world wide on DVD.

● The Ice Is Breaking Now [2:00]

A short version of a song in a very Nordic mood. It is based on a field recording from the harbour at Islands Brygge where I live.

● God Bedring Bedste [3:38]

The bass can only be heard on decent loudspeakers. An instrumental version was used as soundtrack for the video ‘Crossing’. Go to page.

● Once in a While [6:26]

I have been searching for a singer for this track but without any luck. So I had to do it myself. Also very bad drum programming.

● Joujou 2 [3:28]

Inspired by a film about the Master Musicians of Juojuoka I made a small composition for violin, flute and percussion in 2002. For this version a couple of other instruments have been added.

● Fræs – Klaverstykke [1:17]

This is the piano part of ‘Fraes – Ballet Version’ underneath.

● Fraes – Ballet Version [12:49]

The origin of this composition is a little complex. In 1998 I made a track with ProTools. It was called ‘Fræs’ and this track is combined with the piano piece above. The three wild guitar solos are by Anders D. Koch. He thinks the whole piece is a mess but I see a fictional ballet with two gangs, two cultures, two forces or two different ideas fighting on the stage. The red team versus the blue or The Sharks up against the Jets in a symphonic setting.

● Frais – Rock Version [2:17]

A simplified version of some of the elements from ‘Fræs’

● Fraiche – Ambient Version [6:41]

Still another derivate of ‘Fræs’. New instrumentation mixed with a field recording from my street.