● Rød Fluesvamp [2:50]

I have been collecting images of these fascinating mushrooms over the years. It’s called Fly Agaric and the latin name is Amanita Muscaria. When eaten it has a slight psychedelic effect. Here is an uncut roll of standard 16mm film scanned to 16:9 video with no sound. Instead you can listen to my score ‘Amanita Music’ (see: 2008).

This small sample is used as part of the project Civil Disobedience Part 3 which features psychedelic expert Steen Larris who tells about these natural occurring plants that are demonized by society.

Niels Plenge 2006-2007, 16mm film, 3 min


● Steen Larris

photo by Niels Plenge 2015