● Egenhændigt – reworked [4:11]

The title means »with one’s own hands« and plays with the idea of a piano piece for four hands. This is a reworked version of the soundtrack from the 1989 video (see: ‘Egenhændigt’).

● Bless the Happy People [6:28]

An attempt to do a composition based on ascending tones in a fixed interval. The tones could rise without ending – only the instrument or the human ear sets the limit. The title is of course ironic: bless the happy people – they keep up the balance of the world.

● Bless the Happy People – Funkshit [1:40]

Just the ending of the track above but now the lead was played on Arp Odyssey. Thanks to Per Gøtz for lending me the old lady.

● Amanita Music [9:32]

A longer track I did for my multiscreen video from 2007 about psychedelic mushrooms. I have never had the possibility to show the work. There is a small film sample (see: ‘Rød Fluesvamp’). In 2008 I recorded the choir parts performed by Kristine Christensen, Sofie Christiansen, Rikke Hvid Danielsen, Karen Land Hansen, Trine Land Hansen and Margrethe Haraldsdatter. This version was used in CivilDisobedience Part 3: Amanita Muscaria from 2015.

● Driving [3:04]

Once I tried to remix the music for ’Diving’ but I think the guys of Fiskvildtfjerkræ didn’t like it so I made my own track instead.

● Red River [4:13]

Music I did for the film ‘Long Bien Bridge’ by Cai-Ulrich Von Platen, Steen Møller Rasmussen and Peter Schultz-Jørgensen. The bridge played an important role during the Vietnam War but the film focus on life around the bridge in present time Hanoi. Besides editing I made small musical themes for different parts of the film but it ended up without any music. A sample from the video is used as underlying loop. It is the sound of a motorboat sailing up the Red River.

● Latino Lover [2:00]

A cliché and an attempt to imitate Italian film music.

● Swingtime [2:37]


● Crossing

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● Quelque Chose (de Bruxelles) [3:24]

Inspired by some people I met and a show I saw in Brussels. Vague reminiscences of Steve Reich.


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● Soundings trailer

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● Pixel animated logo

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