● Civil Disobedience Demo

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● The Coastline [3:59]

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● Saga G [2:24]

The title track for my video ‘Bedtime for Ghosts’ was made with Logic and an old malfunctioning Arp Odyssey.

● Skovskulptur

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● Peace In Our Time [6:26]

In 2004 I made a triple screen video installation but I never succeeded in showing it anywhere (see the demo). The basic soundtrack is noises sampled from the video only accompanied by acoustic guitar. This is a revised version with bass and piano added.

● Walking Man [3:36]

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● No Name #12 [1:16]

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● Bryllupssang – Version 2009 [2:30]

A song from 2001 written in collaboration with Sam Eilif Blåsvær who also played the guitar. The direct reason was that a mutual friend to our big surprise announced that she was going to marry. So we made this tune for her wedding. I also worked on the lyrics but the vocal part was never recorded. By the way… soon after she got cold feet – as we say in Danish – meaning she had second thoughts about the whole thing.

● Beata Viscera Maria Virginis [5:58]

A composition from 13th century by Perotinus and the text in latin is by Philip the Chancellor. Here three verses are performed by Janne Solvang. I made the recording in the Skt. Matthæus Kirke, Vesterbro Copenhagen for Francois Top’s video ‘La Vie en Vert’.

● The Civil Disobedience Project

Kalvebod Common is a former marsh land a few kilometers outside Copenhagen. Around 1940 a dam was build to avoid flooding at high tide and for some years it was a pasture for cattle and sheep. Later it was cultivated and utilized as a military exercise field but now the animals are back and part of it is a fenced in wild bird reserve. The common ranks on my top three of favourite places in the world and I have been going there regularly the last fifteen years.

     In 2009 I decided also to enter the restricted area to pick the hip rose fruit which was growing in plenty along the dam. Thus hoping to be the only human representative of the surrounding society I felt obliged to share the resulting hip fruit jam with others. Those who would receive a glass of my preserve were requested first to watch a video showing the act of civil disobedience in order to inform them of their complicity.

     When I had gathered the last fruit of that year all the bushes were cleared and the area was for the next three years turned into a construction site. Due to the risk of flooding caused by global warming the hight of the dam had to be increased by 5 meters to protect this man-made and artificial landscape.