● One Thursday Afternoon a Faun was Searching for the Lost Chord

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Niels Plenge 2017-21, 4-channel audio and HD video installation, endless


● Dropit Installation version 2021

Demo. See also a beat study version: Dropit 2.

Niels Plenge 2021, 3 or 4-channel HD video installation, endless

● String Quartet (Kvartet for strengeinstrumenter)

See project introduction. Go to page.

Niels Plenge 2016-22, 4 video sculptures, endless

● Kvintet

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Niels Plenge 2014-21, 5-channel loudspeaker concert with HD video, endless

● Minimal Music Installation Demo [3:41]

An ongoing series of videos and audio works that investigate the boundaries between music and pure sound. See also: Minimal Music I+II+III.

This demo shows a proposal for installation of three different works that play well together.

Drumstick Improvisation 2 (2016)

Lineart (2018) See also: 2019.

High Ideals And Crazy Dreams 2 (2021)

Niels Plenge 2016-21, installation for 3 single-screen works, HD video, 11 min + 18 min + 9 min


● Jardin Artificiel

Exhibition at Kunst Vinduet August 2019.

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● Other installations:

Write Me a Postcard (1999)

Peace In Our Time (2004)

Give me back what belongs to me (2017)

Historien om Dennis Lunds Rygekontor (2018)

From A to B and Back Again (2018)

Chamber Music(2022)

Four #1 (2022)

Gulliver Ravels (2023)