● War Flowers (Damaskus) – Instrument version

Object with video for installation.

The video was developed from two different sources. The sound is sampled from the war in Syria where government troopers film with GoPro cameras from inside their tanks while they shoot a housing area asunder. These recordings I found on the internet. First I deleted all human voices. Then the remaining engine sounds and artillery salvoes were processed with fragmentation filters and ring modulators to unrecognizability.

The images of the video doesn’t show how the original sounds were produced or altered but is instead graphical representations of the resulting sound curves. Spectrographic and kaleidoscopic effects create an abstraction far beyond the extreme origin. Flowerlike formations resembling Middle Eastern ornamentation or arabesques fluctuate back and forth in accordance with the sound.

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● Gulliver Ravels

Press photo for the Lilliput Duo. Hear part of the soundtrack. Go to page.

● Lineart (Flowers Own Nothing) [17:37]

Animation work for installation.