● Ego Song Performance [2:37]

A live version of ‘Ego Song’ from October 2006 at the National Danish Library called Den Sorte Diamant. This is only the last verse and refrain. Hear also my version of Dan Marmorstein’s composition (see: 2010).

Niels Plenge 2006, DVcam, 3 min

● Ego Song Recording [10:25]

A documentary about recording of the sound track for Lilibeth Cuenca’s video ‘Ego Song’ in 2005 which was part of her ‘Ego Show’ in 2006. I helped her with the production and installation of the exhibition at Statens Museum for Kunst. See also a video from her performance at Den Sorte Diamant.

Niels Plenge 2005, DVcam, 11 min