● Ego Song Variation 2 [2:32]

Here Dan Marmorstein’s composition is beefed up a little with drum machine and heavy distortion. So wonderful to be on an ego trip. Sorry Dan, if it wasn’t what you had in mind.

● Sketch for a Song [1:38]

Some kinky strings but remember this is only a demo.

● Alfabet [2:10]

One of two songs I made on New Years Day. Too many cigars the night before.

● Dropit #2

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● Daniel is Going to Die [2:46]

You can’t get along with everybody in the whole world but some even don’t try. When I wrote this song I thought of the work of Edgar Allan Poe but it ended up as Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The second song I wrote on January the 1st.

● The Wheelsman [0:54]

Small tune made for a film but never used.

● Wheels [3:36]

An extended version of the above. Here with a few layers of handplayed percussion in first-takes.

● Mobile [1:34]

None of the songs you hear on these pages are in a finished state and most are provisional. So here is another demo. Who will play the guitar solo?

● Har du set mit psykedeliske tapet

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● Farfisa Song [2:38]

I love the sound of the electric keyboards of the Sixties and Seventies. I found this Farfisa Professional 110 in a not too critical condition. The instrument was produced from around 1978 so here we are a little late. But hey, who is not late?

● Ego Song Variation 1 [4:07]

This is based on a great composition that Dan Marmorstein made for Lilibeth Cuenca’s Ego Show. The piece was scored for voice, clarinet and oboe. I made a video documentation when Dan’s original version was recorded in 2005 and I also captured Lilibeth’s performance at Den Sorte Diamant in 2006 (see: ’Ego Song’). I made this variation to help Lilibeth learn the song lines but it wasn’t any help at all. In 2005 my midi notes for the song got lost. In 2010 I tried to recreate it from a printed version.

● EyeBallWizard

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