● Piano piece for José [2:18]

A small work for piano and other instruments based upon the musique concrète composition ‘This Way José’. Go to page.

● Installing a film loop

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● Harmonic Fields Documentation

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● City Slang (1984)

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● Printed Matter

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● Belt Change

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● Walking on the Moon [4:42]

Instrumental version of the song by The Police. Performed on Farfisa and Arp Odyssey. Vocal version will follow soon!

● Mød mig i Århus [5:03]

A composition from 2006 now with a lot more guitar. It is in fact a song but I haven’t recorded the vocal part. If you want to sing along the lyrics are something like this:

                                      »Meet me in Aarhus

                                        Jump on a train

                                        If it’s infidelity

                                        Don’t cheat on me«

● Who Told You That [3:28]

More organic shit.