● This Way José [5:59]

Inspired by sounds heard in Per Nørgård’s work Terrains Vagues. My piece is composed solely of recordings made in my kitchen. The deep sounds are from a chair moved around on the floor and the rest is mostly kitchen equipment, tools like a coffee grinder, card board boxes or water drops falling on a metal lid. Two ordinary musical instruments were also played in an unusual way. Most of the sounds are used exactly like they were recorded.

At some point I was also making video recordings. Some frame grabs can be seen here. But I abandoned the idea of accompanying pictures as I found out that the music was more vital and imaginative when heard alone.

You can listen to the single sounds here below and eventually download the loops to make your own mix. If you want to check how the sounds were made further down there’s a video introducing »the band«.

Niels Plenge 2011, musique concrète composition, 6 min