● Running Water

2005 was a very productive year. Besides the MFPI compositions and my film ‘Don’t Lead Followers’ mentioned above I was also doing music for ‘Only The Sound’ that was a collaboration with Lars Movin. I have collected the scores for that film on a CD. There is further instructive comments on the sound work. Go to page.

● Music For Performing Instrumentalists 1-30

When I got the program Logic I wanted to learn about formal composition. I decided to do a series of small pieces for piano, bass, strings and occasionally organ. I called the project ‘Music for Performing Instrumentalists’. After three month I had 55 minutes of music, 30 sketches or études and thus a new composition every three days. I made a demo CD to persuade musicians to play my scores. In 2006 two hard discs broke down and more than 70 registered compositions were lost including these. That hurts!

● MFPI 15 – One Shot [2:04]

Like the rest of ‘Music for Performing Instrumentalists’ number 15 was originally written for piano, bass and strings only. This is a reworked version with a more electronic instrumentation. The guitar is played by Michael C.G. Iversen.

● MFPI 16 [2:54]

Once in a while I try to redo pieces from the lost MFPI project and write the score all over again. This is a recreated version very close to the original.

● MFPI 20 – Groove Mix [3:52]

All the original MFPI tracks were strictly without drums but my preference for piano compositions can still be heard in this pop rock demo.

● MFPI 20 – Marimba [3:32]

Same composition as above just a little more phony.

● MFPI 24 – Hard Kick Orchestral Version [2:30]

This composition I was trying to remodel in different musical styles so fortunately I had a copy on an extra hard disc. It’s the only midi score from the original MFPI that I didn’t loose.

● MFPI 24 – Hard Kick Baroque [0:54]

This version would sound great if played by a saxophone quartet.

● MFPI 24 – Hard Kick Siesta [1:15]

A very fresh and appealing version. In addition to this ‘spanish’ version there is also a hard rock and a jazz fusion version.

● Don’t Lead Followers Soundtrack Remix

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● Gravitas – tyngdekraften er mild

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● MFPI 1 [3:34]

This was the first piece I made and like the whole project it was only meant to be provisional. A demo only to indicate the interplay of the instruments.