● Sleeping 2005 [3:00]

Here piano music was added. The entire score for all seven parts of the film was lost in 2006 so I only have the final mixes.

● Sleeping Piano 2010 [2:46]

My scores for more than 70 compositions got lost in 2006 due to a hard disc breakdown. I’m slowly trying to recreate some of the dear ones again. This is a new version of the piano part of ‘Sleeping’ from 2010 and one of my favourites in the never finished project ‘Don’t Lead Followers’.

● Don’t Lead Followers Part 3: Smoking 2000 [2:49]

The initial idea for this film was to create a soundtrack solely from the everyday activities performed by Maja Asaa, the girl in the picture. The sounds for the seven chapters, Peeling, Eating, Smoking, Writing, Breathing, Sleeping and Generating, were recorded in a studio afterwards. Here is the original sound recording for part three with street ambience added, not meant to be in the final film.

Niels Plenge 2000-2005, 16mm film, 20 min

● Don’t Lead Followers CD

The soundtrack for the first versions of ‘Don’t Lead Followers’ was based only on the original recordings but I got tired of the almost identical sounds of the seven parts. For this work in progress I in 2005 decided to write some music for ordinary instruments. As the final screening copy of the 16mm film was mute the soundtrack was meant to be played simultaneously from an audio CD or a tape. This gave also the possibility to have a band performing parts of the music live during projection of the film but it has never been shown in public.

Niels Plenge 2005, audio CD, 20 min

● Don’t Lead Followers Part 1: Peeling 2002 [2:22]

This is an early version of ‘Don’t Lead Followers’ part one. Here the sound of peeling an apple was used as the only source for composing musique concrète.

Niels Plenge 2000-2005, 16mm film, 20 min

● Sleeping 2002 [2:58]

The only sound used here was the one of moving sleepless around in bed sheets.

● Don’t Lead Followers Part 1-7 [20:15]

The film was shot on a 16mm high contrast material which I developed by hand in an ordinary darkroom. The entire roll of exposed film was used, No shots were cut. All scenes were just spliced together. The soundtrack for this version is a combination of musique concrète and new music composed in 2005 (see below).

Niels Plenge 2000-2005, 16mm film, 20 min


[00:00] Part 1: Peeling

[02:27] Part 2: Eating

[05:29] Part 3: Smoking

[08:15] Part 4: Writing

[10:57] Part 5: Breathing

[13:48] Part 6: Sleeping

[16:45] Part 7: Generating

● Dreaming [3:16]

Another slightly modified version of ‘Sleeping’ also from 2010.