● To Draw a Line # 1-3 [4:41]

The video was made for the compilation ‘Territorium’ at Holstebro Kunstmuseum. It relates to the European version of land art which unlike the US equivalent does not strive for grandiosity or permanence but attempts to demonstrate the provisional. In the first two sections the artist’s pencil, here an oversized dummy, sketches it’s own territory and an independent, self-reflective work is developed. In the last section the video enters into dialogue with other land art works (e.g. Spiral Jetty). One never sees wholeness or completion so in theory the work’s scope could be extended to the whole world. Because of the physical conditions however one must assume that what is represented the next moment has disappeared, is destroyed, has become non-existent. The work is the process and never more than that. It should not be entitled to permanent territory or sustained attention. It is therefore appropriate that the eyes begin to wander or thoughts are drifting away…

Niels Plenge 2012, digital video, 5 min