● Screening Part 1 [5:48]

Per Nørgård »rerecorded« from memory and the result sings to the eyes.

During the silent era, the French film director Abel Gance called film »the music of light«, a description which fits perfectly to ‘Screening’. For Niels Plenge doesn't only recreate one of the biggest works of experimental modern music. His visual accompaniment of the new soundtrack is almost a graphic abstraction of the favourite motif of the 1920s avant-garde: railways and their mechanical patterns. Plenge has »rerecorded« Per Nørgård's ‘Voyage Into the Golden Screen’ from 1969 according to his memory, which brought him to Bordeaux, where he twenty years ago got the idea to replace the original instrumentation with railway sounds. The dramatic and strangely catchy musique concrète compositions are structured according to Nørgård's mathematical infinity series, which also dictate the rhythm of the editing.

Thure Munkholm, CPH:DOX 2008

● Screening Part 2 – Excerpt [2:36]

Screening is an interpretation in three parts of Per Nørgård’s world famous ‘Voyage Into the Golden Screen’. Per Nørgård took his title from a song by Donovan. My project is mainly about remembering. During a vacation in the south of France more than twenty years ago I at night imagined to hear the music of Per Nørgård played by the shunting freight trains nearby. In this film I try to recall the experience so the original instrumentation is replaced by railway sounds. It is far from a note to note version of Per Nørgård’s music. I developed the film by hand in an ordinary darkroom. Read also the text from the Booklet.

● Screening Part 3 [3:36]

In part three of »Screening« 64 shots (63 of the instruments and one shot of the composer!) are shown with the duration of one frame each and then looped 16 times. The next time the duration of every shot is two frames and this series is looped 8 times. The following duration is 64 x 4 frames in 4 loops, then a sequence of 8 frames twice looped and finally the 64 shots have a duration of 16 frames each. These figures give a duration of 1024 frames for each section. The conclusion is a shot of same length showing Per Nørgård. See also ‘Infinity’.

Niels Plenge 2007/2015, 16mm film transferred to HD video, 16 min