● Registrering [5:00]

A video commissioned by Nivaagaards Malerisamling. Johannes Hage established the museum in 1903 and it is now holding a great collection of mainly international Golden Age paintings. I sampled the notes H-A-G-E from their Steinway piano in the exhibition hall. From these recordings I constructed the soundtrack. The video was shown at Nivaagaard from October 2016 and three months ahead. It was part of the compilation ‘Dobbelt tid’ which presented 8 different artists view on the collection.

Niels Plenge 2015, HD video, 5 min

● Rhododendron Timelapse #1

The rhododendrons came into bloom over a couple of days in darkness. Every timelapse recording has it’s own rules and conditions and often it is necessary to construct a special setup. See some of my recent timelapse studios. Go to page.

● Rhododendron Timelapse #1 [0:43]

For the video ‘Registrering’ I made 6 time-lapses of blooming rhododendrons picked in the park at Nivaagaard. The piano piece is based on the notes H-A.G-E sampled from the Steinway piano at the museum.

Niels Plenge 2015, HD video, 1 min

● Soundtrack – alternative version [3:22]

This version was not used in the final video. No other sound sources but the original piano samples was used.