● Take Off [3:22]

Composition for low tuned guitars.

● Seven Drops [4:06]

A recording of waterdrops gave the seven notes which was the basis of this composition. Piano loops are layered to build up a cluster of sound. This is a demo version of the soundtrack for a film with the title ‘Sum’ that I also edited. The film was directed by Cai-Ulrich von Platen and premiered in November 2015. There is also a musicbox version. Go to page.

● Dream On [2:34]

Scandinavian tristesse for piano.

● Cirkulation [3:48]

Another soundtrack. Inspired by Balinese music or American Minimalism like Steve Reich. I used it for a small documentary about Hanstholm Fyr. Go to page.

● Kvintet / Quintet – Excerpt [4:47]

From a 5-channel sound and video installation, here in a stereo mix version. Because of the almost infinite combinations of loops the work will not repeat itself in the next seventy thousand years. There is also a flyer and a demo. Go to page.

Niels Plenge 2014, sound installation, endless