● Take Off [3:22]

Composition for low tuned guitars.

● Seven Drops [4:06]

A recording of waterdrops gave the seven notes which was the basis of this composition. Piano loops are layered to build up a cluster of sound. This is a demo version of the soundtrack for a film with the title ‘Sum’ that I also edited. The film was directed by Cai-Ulrich von Platen and premiered in November 2015 (se also: ‘Seven Drops Musicbox Version’).

● Dream On [2:34]

Scandinavian tristesse for piano.

● Cirkulation [3:48]

Another soundtrack. Inspired by Balinese music or American Minimalism like Steve Reich. I used it for a small documentary (see ‘Hanstholm Fyr’).

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● Kvintet / Quintet – Excerpt [4:47]

From a 5-channel sound and video installation, here in a stereo mix version. Because ot the almost infinite combinations of loops the work will not repeat itself in the next seventy thousand years. See flyer.

Niels Plenge 2014, sound installation, endless