● Pilot for Screening

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● Dromes Score

For this composition the permutation of six units were used. Any six sounds can reproduce the work. When arranging the material according to  the score the result will be a soundwork of increasing density. It is advisable that the sound loops have different durations. Then the clash of sounds changes all the time and the result will be more organic. Note that the image of the first half of the score is mirrored and inverted in the second half. Have fun making new combinations of sounds.

● Dromes – Excerpt [3:00]

First six sounds were recorded. Here it was marbles and golf balls rolling in pots, pans, bowls and jugs. Then the sounds were looped and finally arranged in one-minute intervals according to the score above. The idea is to create a soundscape just audible so it will blend into and not overrule the existing ambience. The total duration is 64 minutes. This example plays only from interval 21 to 24. A version of Dromes was exhibited at Gallery Prinz in Kyoto in connection with Masashi Iwasaki’s exhibition ‘Primitives’. See also the video ‘Fanfare for the Primitives’. Go to page.

● Too Fucked to Drink [4:37]

A recording of a long feedback tone started this. It was meant to be a song about all the things that go wrong but I haven’t finished the lyrics yet, only the refrain which says:

    »… and things like this will happen

      but I’m too fucked to drink… «

● To the Cliff [2:35]

It’s basically to connect the male jack plug to the female part. This was the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the track.

● Angel [5:33]

One of my favourite songs but I haven’t recorded the vocal part.

● Kitchenware [2:02]

Maybe it’s not audible but there’s a lot of samples from my kitchen.

● Division [2:50]

It starts with a looping of groove noise from a Joy Division record but no samples otherwise, I composed all the music.

● What It’s All About [5:05]

If only all the old farts would shut up and let the young make their own experiences. By the way… I’m the old fart. And I’m the Smølf.

● MouthFeedBack

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● Dromes

The cover of the CD shows a graphic version of the score. It’s all the possible combinations of six different sounds. Contact me order to acquire the CD.

Niels Plenge 2007, CD and graphic design